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ULuvka Vodka FLP 2 Shot Glass Miniature Gift 10cl

ULuvka FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & PLEASURE miniature gift set with 2 legless glasses. Fresh, ripe grain notes, clean and direct with real body, and a good range of nuances: spice, sherbet, and nuttiness. Initially delicate with a creamy, lightly buttery character, and an impressive, sweet, savoury, spicy balance with underlying ryness, expanding further with aniseed freshness and spice. Vibrant grain finish retains freshness and keeps delivering flavour.

Ian Wisniewski – Spirits writer and Connoisseur writes; “It would be difficult to make this any better.”

More Information
Spirit Brand Uluvka Vodka
Country of Production Poland
Volume (cl) 10
ABV (% vol) 40
Vodka Style Pure

Product Details

Product Description
Spirit Brand:
Uluvka Vodka
Country of Production:
Volume (cl):
ABV (% vol):
Vodka Style:

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ULuvka Vodka FLP 2 Shot Glass Miniature Gift 10cl