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Ricard Pastis de Marseille 70cl


The reputation of Ricard Pastis is built on the quality and variety of its natural ingredients. The main ingredient is star anise, harvested in southern China where only the best fruits are handpicked, sundried and distilled on site to produce anise essential oil, which preserves the star anise’s full aroma. This rigorous selection process ensures that only the finest anise essential oils are used.

The pursuit of the finest flavours also takes us to the Middle East, in quest of another natural ingredient: liquorice. The most aromatic liquorice roots are selected on site as soon as they are harvested. This is the ingredient that gives Ricard pastis its roundness and legendary yellow hue. The famous recipe remains secret, but owes

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much of its success to the aromas produced by Provençal plants. Once they arrive at Ricard’s aroma production plant in Bessan, a small village near Béziers, the anise essential oils undergo a purification process called rectification. The liquorice is also carefully processed. First it is crushed, then undergoes an exclusive three-stage hot maceration process that extracts the liquorice aromas and produces a perfectly even liquid. The various ingredients are then blended using a secret protocol which gives Ricard its consistent flavour and aromas. Lastly, the pastis is filtered three times before bottling.

All throughout the production process, every bottle of Ricard is subject to over 50 quality controls on the ingredients and the finished product. Technology plays an important role, but the tasters’ nose and palate are also what guarantee the quality and consistency of its taste. Employees are carefully selected and trained to sit on the tasting panels that test the products daily at the company’s production sites.

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Country of Production France
Volume (cl) 70
ABV (% vol) 45
Liqueur Style Other

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