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Spirit Tasting

Masons Yorkshire Gin Tasting Ticket For Two! £30

Masons Yorkshire Gin have triumphed again and have won 2 prestigious awards at The World Gin Awards!
For the second year running Masons have won the ‘Best British Contemporary Style Gin’ – this time for their Tea Edition! Masons ‘Peppered Pear’ edition has also won Gold – a truly unique gin like no other on the market!

The tasting line up for the night will be the following:


Spring Gin Tasting Ticket For Two! £30

Fancy a Gin tasting? We will host a night where we will be having an introduction and of course a taste of the different flavours that this drink is known for, from distillation and the creation of these very particular and unique flavours.
So make sure that you buy your ticket in advance as this is a "not to be missed "event!

We will be tasting:


Warner's Gin Tasting Masterclass - Ticket for two! £30

Skip the gym and come for Gin!
Warner's, one of the most popular Gin producers, is coming to The Drinks Emporium and we are super delighted!
We will have the pleasure of tasting a selection of the classic and also the bespoke flavoured Gins, lovingly created in their 200 year old barn and distillery on Falls Farm in the picturesque village of Harrington.

The tasting line up will be as follows:

Warner's London Dry Gin
Warner's Lemon Balm Gin
Warner's Honeybee Gin
Warner's Elderflower Gin
Warner's Rhubarb Gin
Warner's Raspberry Gin


Rum Tasting - Ticket for two £30!

Ahoy Rum lovers!
Is there any better drink than Rum to bring some Caribbean atmosphere to our door?
We have this very special event coming soon and seats are limited, so be as quick as a pirate because our tasting is sailing fast.

Rum is one of the most well known and appreciated drinks and you can discover a range of superb rums of unequalled quality and variety which have consistently won the highest International awards so you'd better be fast to conquer one of our seats!
Our tasting line up is TBC


TRADE ONLY Tasting - The Drinks Emporium

A trade tasting for the On-Trade or Retail / Buyers only, please feel free to drop by or call Mark 0121 271 0000 to reserve a place.


Gin Tasting, Innovative Distilleries - Ticket for Two £25

Respect for tradition while innovating results in exceptionally well balanced, refined, high quality gin recipes. The Gin Craze was a period in the first half of the 18th century when the consumption of gin increased rapidly in Great Britain, especially in London, the global capital of gin. It is the birthplace of and the mecca of juniper-based spirits.

Our tasting will include:

Porter's Gin, Aberdeen
Aviation Gin, Portland Oregon
Death's Door Gin, Wisconsin
Fifty Pounds Gin, London
Porter's Tropical Old Tom Gin, Aberdeen


The Cotswold Distillery Tasting Event £25 (Ticket for Two)

When they first set out to build a brand new distillery in the heart of the Cotswolds, they knew they wanted to use the best possible kit, traditional methods and the highest quality raw ingredients. With the guidance of renowned industry legends Harry Cockburn (former Distillery Manager at Bowmore, with many decades’ experience in whisky making) and Dr Jim Swan (fondly known as ‘the Einstein of whisky’ for his formidable knowledge of the science of distillation and maturation). With their help, a small distillery team began production in September 2014.


Nikka Japanese Whisky Masterclass Tasting Event (Ticket for 2)

With the help of Stephanie Holt, a Whiskey specialist with a love for everything Japan, will guide you through a range of different styles of Whiskeys coming from the original Japanese Whisky distillery. History has shown us that the first is not necessarily the best but in this case we’re pretty sure it is! After spending time in Scotland learning all he could about the Whiskey trade, Masataka Taketsuru formed the Nikka Distilling company in 1934 to produce great Whiskeys in a typically Japanese fashion and the results are here for everyone to enjoy.

We will be tasting:


Diplomatico Rum Masterclass (Ticket for 2)

Diplomático rum is the essence and soul of the man on its label.

Our journey begins as only the greatest stories do: with an outstanding man. His name is Don Juancho, a man with an adventurous spirit and a passion for rum. Legend has it that this Venezuelan Mantuano (a local nobleman) explored the world tirelessly, searching for the finest and most exotic spirits.

Diplomatico UK Brand Ambassador, Jon Lister will be guiding us through a Rum Masterclass;