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Abelha Organic Cachaca Gold 70cl


Abelha Organic Cachaça Gold 75cl was set out with a simple aim: to make a cachaça using the best possible natural ingredients and tradition artisan methods. Abelha start with organic, locally-farmed sugar scane, and ferment it with their own homegrown yeasts. Their small-batch distillation process uses a traditional copper pot still, which ensure that they retain as much flavour as possible.

Abelha Organic Cachaça Gold 75cl Abv is aged for 3 years in small 250 litre casks made from garapeira, a Brazilian Ash. This imparts a honeyed and balsamic flavour to the cachaça and adds a little with a spiced note to the palette.  In Brasil, Oak (carvalho) doesn’t have the same monopoly on aging spirits as it does in Europe and cachaças

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are aged in a huge variety of woods, each giving a different character to the cachaça.  Garapeira wood imparts a beautiful mellow tone and balance to Abelha Cachaça Gold; excellent to enjoy both neat and mixed in cocktails.

More Information
Spirit Brand Abelha Organic
Country of Production Brazil
Volume (cl) 70
ABV (% vol) 38

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Product Description
Spirit Brand:
Abelha Organic
Country of Production:
Volume (cl):
ABV (% vol):

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Abelha Organic Cachaca Gold 70cl