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Spirit Tasting

Sacred Gin Tasting Ticket For Two! £30

Gin is Sacred and so are our Wednesday tastings with the best brands.
Sacred Gin is coming to The Drinks Emporium for a very special night where we will get the chance to have a taste of their excellent Gin.

The tasting line up for the night will be the following:

Sacred Gin
Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin
Sacred Cardamom Gin
Sacred Old Tom Gin
Sacred English Spiced Vermouth
Sacred Rosehip Cup
Sacred Bottle-Aged Negroni


Nginious Gin Tasting Ticket For Two! £30

Fancy a Swiss gin? Nginious is a true Swiss gem regarding the distillation and the creation of these very particular and unique flavours.
We will be honoured to have an introduction and of course a taste of the different flavours that this brand is known for, so make sure that you buy your ticket in advance as this is a "not to be missed "event!

The tasting line up for the night will be as follows:

Nginious Summer Gin
Nginious Swiss Blended Gin
Nginious Vermouth Cask Finnished Gin
Nginious Ngroni! Gin
Nginious Distillers Cut Magnum


Warner Edwards Gin Tasting - Ticket for two! £30

Skip the gym and come for Gin!
Warner Edwards, one of the most popular Gin producers, is coming to The Drinks Emporium and we are super delighted!
We will have the pleasure of tasting a selection of the classic and also the bespoke flavoured Gins, lovingly created in their 200 year old barn and distillery on Falls Farm in the picturesque village of Harrington.
The tasting line up will be as follows:


El Dorado Rum Tasting - Ticket for two £30!

Ahoy Rum lovers!
Is there any better drink than El Dorado Rum to bring some Caribbean atmosphere to our door?
We have this very special event coming soon and seats are limited, so be as quick as a pirate because our tasting is sailing fast.


Four Pillars Gin Tasting - Ticket for two! £30

Gin is on a roll in UK and we want to bring the best ones to our audience. This is an unmissable event with Four Pillars Gin, a unique distillery from Australia, who decided to focus on the craft of distilling by bringing some Australian sensibility to the process when, the creators were on a tour of the US West Coast, from Portland down to San Francisco, identifying distilling techniques and equipment. What stood out was that all the gins they loved were made in a Carl still 18 months later, they took delivery of a custom-built still from Carl of Germany, called Wilma.


World Vodka Day - A Tasting Celebration of Vodka

It is Vodka Day: a great time to raise your glasses to one of the world’s favourite alcoholic drinks. While Vodka is often associated with Russia and some of the finest and most expensive Vodkas in the world come from there, it is a drink that is produced in many countries and enjoyed all over the world. Vodka is the Slavic word for "Little water" .


Ginuary Tasting with Masons Gin and Fever Tree Tonics - Ticket for Two

Our Ginuary Gin Tasting hosted with Yorkshire Masons Gin at our Special New Years Offer of Two Tickets for £25 is now sold out!

We will have a fantastic taste of the following Gins produced by Masons:

Masons Yorkshire Lavender Gin
Masons Yorkshire Original Gin
Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin
Masons Yorkshire Peppered Pear Edition Gin

From our draw, one lucky winner on the night will receive a delicious bottle of Wine courtesy of The Drinks Emporium!

A special offer on all Masons Gin will be available on the night.


Compass Box Collection Whisky Tasting Ticket for Two £30!

Join us for our Compass Box tasting, a specialist Scotch Whisky maker, and on this evening you will discover a world of small batch Scotch whiskies, made in a variety of styles to appeal to a variety of tastes. They choose the best distillates from the best distilleries, aged in the highest quality oak casks. With these building blocks, creating whiskies with richness, balance and purity of flavour. They make a variety of whiskies which cover the spectrum of flavours Scotch Whisky offers.